PRSA Oregon Spotlights & Awards of Distinction

It’s time! The portal is now open – enter the 2019 PRSA Oregon Spotlights! Let’s celebrate the best campaigns and tactics our local firms, companies, organizations and professionals innovate, produce and measure. It’s you time. Show off for your boss, give your clients a little extra love, demonstrate how you moved the meter and/or made change for good.

To enter, we’ve prepared a quick tutorial and step-by-step portal instructions to get you started. Read these documents and enter.

But, you’ll want to get on it! The Early Bird deadline will save you money – it’s Sept. 23. After that, the final deadline is Sept. 27. Note, you do not need to be a PRSA member to enter. Questions? Email us at [email protected].

As part of our awards, we also celebrate the leaders among us who are worthy of individual awards, called our Awards of Distinction – see this brief overview and explanation. The four special awards recognize PRSA members or a non-member for the William M. Marsh Lifetime Achievement AwardOlga M. Haley Mentorship AwardRon Schmidt Community Involvement Award and New Professional Award of Excellence. Nominations must be submitted by the end of the day Monday, Oct. 1, 2019. There are no fees to nominate in the individual categories. Nominations for these Awards of Distinction are a separate process; click on these links to learn more and to nominate.

Then, mark your calendar for your day in the spotlight! We’ll get to celebrate YOU at the 2019 Spotlight Awards Dinner Event on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at The Exchange Ballroom in Portland. Watch PRSA Oregon’s website for registration details.

About Spotlights

There are dozens of awards programs for public relations and integrated communications, both locally and internationally. We all know the ones that are for show. The Spotlight Awards, along with our cousins, PRSA’s Silver and Bronze Anvils, are focused on the same criteria used to determine a candidate’s readiness to go through the Accreditation program: research, planning, implementation and evaluation. Entering in our awards program is a great way to benchmark your organization’s communications programs against best practice methodologies around the country. Our judges provide written feedback, in addition to scores, and you can use this insight to enhance your strengths and address your opportunities for improvement.

Ethics at work: how entries are judged

Entries will be judged by our PRSA colleagues in another jurisdiction. Two or more judges will review each entry, at least one of whom is a nationally APR accredited professional.  If there is a large discrepancy in the number of points awarded, an additional judge is brought in to render the final decision. Entries are also reviewed by a local audit committee for accuracy and completeness of results.

Nominees compete against themselves, not other entrants. If you did good work, and the judges agree, you’ll receive our state’s highest honor for public relations professionals, a Spotlight Award.

  • New Professional Award of Excellence

    The award is presented to a professional who has demonstrated his or her commitment to advancing public relations through career achievements, volunteerism, and the highest standards of professionalism.

  • Ron Schmidt Community Involvement Award

    Named for a man who had a regional and national impact on our profession and celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, this award may be given to an individual or an organization.

  • William W. Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award

    The William W. Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award reflects the leadership and commitment of its namesake. It honors the lifetime achievement of an outstanding leader in the field of public relations.

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