How to Make the Case for Planning and Fire-proof Your CEO for Crisis Response

Join us from 12-1 p.m. PDT on Friday, June 18 for “How to Make the Case for Planning and Fire-proof Your CEO for Crisis Response,” as part of the Communicators Conference! Shannon McCarthy Berg, APR, will reveal a new strategy for making the case for planning that is built on a single principle: know your audience. She will talk about ditching communicator speak in favor of language that unlocks the interest of leaders.

Campaign Case Study: Clean Water Services “Our Water” Consumer Awareness Campaign

Listen to the second part of PRSA Oregon’s two-part podcast series where we break down campaigns submitted to the 2020 Spotlight Awards. This episode we welcome C+C Vice President Jan Kleszynski to talk about the Clean Water Services “Our Water” Consumer Awareness Campaign launched last year.

5 Guideposts to Unsilencing a Company’s DEI Efforts through Accountability and Scheduling

Staying accountable to DEI efforts is possibly the highest way change can be affected, not only internally, but also externally as the movement itself is concerned. By viewing all DEI communications as an accountability tool, communicators will stay well-balanced by promoting the cause, not the company, consequentially making a much larger impact overall.

PRSA “In Between Jobs” Program

PRSA launched a new “In Between Jobs” program that offers a discounted PRSA membership and access to a number of career resources for communications professionals who have been laid off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this program, PRSA hopes to make the job search easier for individuals seeking opportunities in the communications profession.

Campaign Case Study: Prosper Portland Small Business Relief Fund Campaign

This week, we welcome Prosper Portland’s Senior Communications Coordinator Anne Mangan and Communications & Engagement Manager Shawn Uhlman. They share their Merit Award-winning Small Business Relief Campaign, which was launched last year at the start of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 Forced Local News Media to Change, Have Your Tactics Kept Pace?

This month’s event with Oregon Public Broadcasting is sure to bring additional opportunities and tips to consider, not to mention even more optimism. That’s because public media is experiencing a renaissance amidst the chaos, and our local station has become a model amongst its peers.