Three PRSSA Students are Shining Stars

The University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communications have three new shining stars in local PRSSA leaders Megan Mortensen, Danielle Ng and Ellie Shalvarjian, all who graduated from the UO’s School of Journalism and Communications in mid-June. Megan Mortenson was named the 2022 honoree of the Liz Cawood Award. The award is presented eachContinue reading “Three PRSSA Students are Shining Stars”

COMMCON: The Art of Storytelling and Science of Analytics

How many times have you said or heard, “I can’t do that; I’m just not creative?” The truth is that everyone is creative in their own way. Whether trying to find the fastest route to work, creating a lesson plan for 30 six-year old’s or how you dress every day, there is creativity in everything we do.  When it comes to marketing and communicatingContinue reading “COMMCON: The Art of Storytelling and Science of Analytics”

PRSA Oregon Annual Meeting to Recap Year’s Highlights, Set Stage for 2022

PRSA Oregon members and those interested in our chapter activities are invited to attend our virtual Annual Meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 2. The 2021 Board of Directors will share highlights of the year’s activities and our 2022 president, Tom Fuller, APR, will discuss plans for 2022.

Vote Now! PRSA Oregon 2022 Board of Directors and Bylaws Amendments

We are pleased to present you with our slate of candidates for the 2022 PRSA Greater Oregon Chapter Board of Directors, as well as two bylaw amendments designed to make our chapter more inclusive.

Voting is open to PRSA Oregon Chapter members only and must be completed by November 23, 2021.

COMMCON: Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence

Public relations has been consistently ranked in the top 25 lists of stressful jobs, hitting #8 in the 2019 CareerCast “Most Stressful Careers”. How can emotional intelligence help you address the tolls of this fast-paced career where you deal daily with things that are out of your control, ambiguous in nature and, often, addressing one crisis or another?

Join us at noon on Friday, November 5 for “Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence.”