APR TestimonialsAllison Bolt, APR

Marketing Manager, Evergreen Prosthetics & Orthotics 

I decided to pursue accreditation after hearing about the PRSA Oregon prep class, generously offered for only the price of snacks. Having the opportunity to spend several hours a week with experienced PR professions while learning new skills and sharing ideas sounded like just what I needed in order to take the next step in my career. And it was! I’ve only been accredited for a few months, but the lessons I learned have already helped me, and I am confident they will continue to do so in the future. 


APR TestimonialsTom Unger, APR, Fellow PRSA

Owner/Operator, News Writing Pro, LLC.

The APR title was the first official accreditation I sought after joining the communications industry in 1989 (I had previously worked as a news reporter for 10 years). It was a great educational experience. I learned a lot through the APR prep course, which I took while a member of the Los Angeles chapter. Earning the APR accreditation gave me instant credibility within the communications industry, with the news media and with my co-workers. It validated my experience and skills. It also gave me self-confidence. I went on to earn the ABC accreditation from IABC and later became a Fellow of PRSA. The APR was an important first step in that journey.

APR TestimonialsJaimee L. Fox, MA, APR

HR Communications Manager, Multnomah County Health Department

I wanted to earn my APR because I know how important it is for clients to work with someone who is strategic in achieving goals, ethical in decisions-making and progressive in staying on top of trends and industry practices. Having the APR credentials behind my name is self-rewarding and gives me the confidence and drive to be success and a leader in all that I do.



APR TestimonialsRhonda Morin, APR, MLS

Executive Director of Communications & Marketing, Clark College Foundation

What I learned during the APR preparation process went above and beyond my expectations. The chapter’s APR sessions helped me put the puzzle pieces together. Everything I learned was applicable to my line of work. The credential gives me the education, strength and confidence to be the expert that I am in the PR field. My credibility has surged with my colleagues, supervisor, the CEO and others with whom I work with at Clark College and Clark College Foundation. I am asked to be in the room and to provide counsel during difficult conversations. I feel a higher level of respect from my colleagues.