Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Explore Your Blind Spot

If you signed up for this session with Eric T.B. Lomotey that we previously scheduled in March, we have good news. We’ve rescheduled for May 13. Lomotey will discuss individual and systemic bias and the ways in which they reinforce a lack of diversity; as well as methods to challenge oneself and utilize their individual privileges with the hope of creating more inclusive, safe, equitable and diverse spaces for all. We will look at how we each carry bias and the impact this has on our understanding and engagement of others as well as affect our decision making. We will also review ways to identify and understand more about our blind spots and how they cause harm, and the importance of how listening and responding to diverse lived experiences create opportunities for more sustainable solutions.


With this presentation participants will:

  • Gain insight into their own bias and the impact it has had and may have.
  • Learn strategies on how to create safe interpersonal spaces for diverse voices to be heard.
  • Learn how to identify and utilize their own privilege to create opportunities for those whose experiences have been minimized.

More on the speaker

Lomotey is a clinician, lecturer and artist of Ghanaian background raised predominantly in Newark NJ. He has a passion for Mental health Advocacy and awareness as well as Criminal Justice reform and addressing racial disparities in everyday life including professional spaces because of systemic racism.

He lived in the U.K. for approximately 10 years, wherein he studied, trained and lectured in Psychology, and was an Adjunct Lecturer at Richmond American International University In London.

While training in Forensic Psychology he worked for several which included Low and Medium secure inpatient forensic hospitals, as well as forensic outpatient community services and conducting consultations with the National Probation Service (NPS).

He earned his Master’s in Criminological Psychology in 2019 from the University of Nottingham and was an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University Newark. He relocated to Aotearoa (i.e., New Zealand) in 2021 and has since become a Section 27 report writer for Mana Reports, which helps reduce sentencing for individuals from communities whose marginalization has historically resulted in higher sentencing outcomes. He has also consulted for organizations via mediations for individuals whose internal difficulties have negatively impacted their team cohesiveness and ability to execute shared objectives.

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