Reverse Mentoring Video Series: Sustainability

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There are many PRSA opportunities available to stretch your mentoring prowess, and let’s face it, you’ve dedicated a lot of time helping new PR pros as they enter the industry. What if the roles were reversed?

We’re pleased to announce a new resource for you: PRSA Oregon (and SW Washington)’s Reverse Mentoring, a video series that gives you tools and skills straight from our regional college students’ experiences in the classroom and internships. For those of you mentors who are actively bestowing knowledge upon your eager protégés, this is your opportunity to sit back and hear from new voices and fresh perspectives. 

You may just learn a new way to answer your current client’s challenge or implement a strategy. After all, our schedules rarely give us that extra time to brush up on the up-and-coming.

We start this series by addressing the issue of sustainability. We were inspired by this year’s 51st anniversary of Earth Day, yet realized that “sustainability” extends beyond saving our planet and into other domains of our lives. For example, creating a sustainable work schedule, crafting a multi-year campaign that’s sustainable or creating a sustainable online presence amid a pandemic, which just so happens to be the first video in our series brought to you by Washington State University.

From there, students will tackle other pressing issues affecting us all. It’s safe to say, as practitioners ourselves we feel a sense of relief that those coming after us have much to share. We hope you enjoy.

Elizabeth (Liz) Candello, Ph.D.
Elizabeth (Liz) Candello, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Candello, Ph.D., Arizona State University, is a clinical assistant professor at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication in Vancouver, WA. She has nearly a decade of experience in the communication and technology industries in the Seattle, Austin and Phoenix media markets, working with various clients, including Microsoft, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington Dairy Initiative and the Western Climate Initiative. Her research is at the intersection of strategic communication and identity that examines how knowledge is produced and co-created among low-income populations. Her work includes the examination of social support and collaboration within organizations; cultural identification and minority representations; and service use among those who live below the federal poverty level.

 Mark Mohammadpour, APR
Mark Mohammadpour, APR

Mark Mohammadpour, APR is a strategic communications executive, certified personal trainer, and health coach. His company, Chasing the Sun, offers health coaching tailored for public relations professionals. Mark spent most of his public relations career at Weber Shandwick and Edelman. Throughout his career, Mark led integrated communications programs for more than a dozen global brands, including Adobe, AMD, Microsoft, Samsung, and the U.S. Army. Mark also served as the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Oregon Chapter president in 2016.

Published by Mark Mohammadpour, APR, CPT, CHC (he/him)

An accredited communications executive and certified health coach and personal trainer, Mark Mohammadpour’s (he/him) mission is to empower public relations professionals to prioritize their well-being so they can shine in the family room and the board room. Mark started a journey that led him to lose and keep off more than 150 pounds more than a decade ago. Through that journey, he has developed a practical and actionable approach to help people stay mentally and physically resilient. Before launching Chasing the Sun, Mark was an executive at Weber Shandwick and Edelman, leading award-winning public relations campaigns for global brands, including Adobe, Microsoft, Samsung, and the U.S. Army. Mark served as the PRSA Oregon Chapter president in 2016, is the “Workplace Wellness” columnist for PRSA’s Strategies & Tactics, and was honored to be named an Olga M. Haley Mentorship Award of Distinction recipient in 2020. A proud and lifelong Portland, Oregon-metro area resident, Mark is a graduate of the University of Portland.

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