“Corporate Culture: Coast to Coast” Workshop Series

diverse businesspeople talking in modern conference hall

Organizations can thrive or dive by their culture. Corporate culture plays a key role in how an organization manages through change, creates safe environments for employees, and develops leaders. Communicators play a key role in developing and cultivating a culture that is inclusive and brings out the best in its employees.

PRSA Oregon is hosting “Corporate Culture: Coast to Coast,” a three-part workshop series to shape your corporate culture with employee engagement, enhanced performance and psychological safety.

Morgan Tashea, founder of company culture agency Wyld Lynx Consulting and Portland resident, will be joined by her east coast consultant counterpart LaTanya Walker, Company Culture Designer, for the series:

The cost for each workshop is $10 for PRSA members (and partner members) and $15 for non-members, plus Eventbrite fees.

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