Mentors Network

Our mentors network can help you achieve your career goals.

Are you looking for your first job? Ready to take your career to the next level? Facing challenges at work?

Our mentors network can help you:

  • Strengthen your resume to find your dream job.
  • Cultivate and grow new ideas and programs.
  • Secure your first job in the public relations industry.
  • Work through a tough career transition.
  • Solve a challenging problem at work.
  • Develop your own public relations practice.
  • Pursue public relations as a new profession.
  • Set and achieve goals for a successful career.

Whether you’re looking for just-in-time support or would like to establish an ongoing professional relationship, we can connect you to a mentor who will:

  • meet or talk once a month – or
  • critique your resume or help you prepare for an interview – or
  • coach you in a specific field of our industry – or
  • provide a formal mentoring plan.

We can provide a mentor who is a seasoned professional or someone closer to your own career path.

In short, our network is as unique as you are.