• Supporting Volunteers

    If you are one of PRSA Oregon’s wonderful volunteer family, click to get the resources to help you along your journey.

  • Becoming a Sponsor

    Our sponsors play a vital role in supporting our members, our programs and our events. We offer a wide range of sponsorship levels and sponsor benefits.

  • Code of Ethics

    PR Professionals practice their craft, guided by a carefully crafted code of ethics. This code is designed to ensure that our work fairly, accurately and knowledgeably serves both our employing organization and the public we wish to reach.

  • PR Talk Podcast

    PR Talk is a podcast about marketing and PR, produced by Veracity, a Portland PR firm. Host Amy Rosenberg interviews media personalities for direct insight and recommendations from the source, plus education and tips for today’s marketer.

    PR Talk is sponsored by PRSA Oregon to help PR people learn, grow and connect.

  • Advocating for PR

    Central to PRSA Oregon’s mission is sounding a clear, consistent voice on important issues of our time, as well as providing support for its members. Whether you’re a newcomer to the area, an emerging professional or a seasoned PR pro, PRSA membership can help you.

  • Job Board

    We believe it’s important for everybody – members and the greater communications community – to have access to the latest job openings in Oregon and SW Washington. Anyone can submit the form to request a free job posting.