2020 Spotlight Awards Judging Process

PRSA Oregon has arranged for its Spotlight entries to be judged by a chapter of similar size, elsewhere in the U.S. PRSA Oregon prefers judges to be nationally accredited in public relations and asks the judging chapter to ensure as each entry will have multiple judges.

We judge objectively—your entry will not be judged against other entries, rather it will be considered against objective measurement based on the elements described below.

Click here to read the judging instructions!


Judges evaluate the tactic on four key areas, each area is worth 15 points:

  • Planning/content
  • Creativity/quality
  • Technical excellence


Judges evaluate the four criteria in your summary and supporting documents. Each criterion is worth 15 points –

  • Research
    • The type of research used and whether it was relevant to shaping the planning process.
  • Planning
    • Was the target audience identified?
    • Did the plan include measurable objectives?
    • Was the budget detailed and appropriate for the campaign?
  • Implementation
    • Was the plan executed well, and what was the outcome?
    • Were the appropriate strategies and tactics used?
    • Were there any innovative strategies and tactics used?
  • Evaluation
    • Were the methods of evaluations appropriate for the campaign? (Impressions are not considered a relevant measure of success.)
    • What were your results?
    • How did the results compare to the specific, measurable objectives you identified in the planning section?

Entries scoring between 53 and 60 points will earn a Spotlight award, those scoring between 45 and 52 points may be awarded a Merit award.

Example Case Studies

The following case studies are previous award winning campaigns from the 2019 Spotlight Ceremony. Click on each link to learn more about each award submission:

Heart Health Month Multichannel Campaign for the Marine Stewardship Council

Reser’s: #BBQLikeAPro Partner Promotion Heats Up Insta Results

2018 Advocate Magazine: Inspiring Donors; Showcasing Impact

Guide Dogs for the Blind Winter 2019 Traffic Safety Crisis Support