All Hands Raised (AHR): All Hands Raised believes that transforming children into educated, independent adults is the
job of the entire community. That is why, with a focus on racial equity, we relentlessly and systematically connect our
community’s diverse assets, with the explicit goal of working in new ways together to improve kids’ success inside and
outside of school. Through seven focused areas, that span cradle to career, All Hands Raised is working to improve the
lives of the 220,463 young people aged 0-24 in Multnomah County; and in turn the economic vitality of the region.

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Position Summary: The Vice President– Communication (VPC) is a member of the organization’s management team,
which includes the CEO, VP Operations (VPO), VP Strategic Planning (VPSP) and VP Impact & Improvement (VPII). The
VPC leads the communication program for All Hands Raised, providing strategic oversight and execution of
communication and marketing plans and goals. The VPC works in partnership with the management team to deliver on
the mission of the organization to change systems and improve practices to ensure educational equity and excellence
for all children and youth from cradle to career.

The VPC oversees one staff member, the Associate Director-Communications (ADC), and plays a pivotal role across the
organization supporting all staff with internal and external communication needs. The communication program is an
essential component of All Hands Raised’s work as a backbone organization. This position is an exciting opportunity to
provide thoughtful and mission-driven leadership designed to keep the community focused on improving education
outcomes for children and youth.

Key Responsibilities and Duties
• As a member of the management team, share responsibility for making recommendations and approving decisions to
support the overall mission and goals of the organization and to develop long-range plans and execute short-term
actions for the organization.
• In consultation with the management team, develop and implement a communication plan for the organization and
for the work areas of the All Hands Raised Partnership.
• Manage the Associate Director, Communication (ADC) and support the Associate Director, Philanthropy &
Communication (ADPC), as they partner with the ADC to develop and implement a marketing and social media
strategy specific to the organization’s revenue strategy
• Foster positive working relationships with partners to enhance and align communication strategies and strengthen
the work with a focus on impacting kids.
• As a member of the management team, support leadership efforts to nurture the growth and development of staff
by promoting a coaching culture. Model and encourage collaborative, optimistic and enthusiastic work behaviors
throughout the organization.
• Partner with the VPSP and the VPII to ensure consistent and proactive messages to key stakeholders from multiple
• Partner with collaborative leaders to develop and execute communication strategies and tactics that are rooted in
results and advance the work of the Partnership amongst key audiences and stakeholders. This includes providing key
staff support to all levels of the organization’s governance structure.
• Partner with the CEO and VPO on budget development and management to help support the positive financial
position of the organization and all external communications related to finance and operations.
• Build a cohesive message through a range of media for the All Hands Raised Partnership.
• Conduct and manage media relations, including: initiating and maintaining relationships with reporters, editors and
publishers; writing releases; preparing information packets; coordinating media events; acting as the organization’s
Public Information Officer; and promoting coverage.
• Oversee the development of all print and electronic communications, including CEO “eblasts,” invitations to key
events, PowerPoint presentations for community meetings and the bi-annual “Chapter” publications introducing and
engaging more people in the work. Partner with the revenue team on fundraising materials.
• Cultivate a team of vendor partners to support the work through necessary design, editing, production and
dissemination of key publications and materials intended to increase awareness and support of the organization.
• Provide strategic oversight to the ADC’s on social media and website strategy, ensuring the organization’s online
presence is accurate, up-to-date and in-line with the core values.
• Work with key vendors, partners and the ADC to direct the creation of key videos that help communicate the work
and engender support for the organization and its mission.
• In partnership with the VPSP, co-lead and provide strategic direction for the development, management and
execution of the organization’s annual fundraising event: Party with a Purpose with the sole purpose of meeting or
exceeding budgeted revenue goals. This includes ensuring the following areas are executed to the highest level and
within the event budget; media sponsorship, recruitment and staffing of talent, branding and messaging, event
“experience,” stage production and logistics.
• Provide strategic oversight on annual events including Principal for Almost a Day and Industry for a Day to ensure
consistent messaging with the goal of elevating awareness of and engagement with All Hands Raised and our work.
• Play a leadership role in the national StriveTogether Cradle to Career network, actively collaborating with
communication staff at Strive and Cradle to Career networks across the country.
• Other duties as assigned by supervisor.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Proven effective communicator, both written and orally, with history of results and an ability to provide continuous
improvement to an organization’s communication program.
• Demonstrated ability in providing strategic oversight for the implementation of significant events.
• Knowledge of continuous improvement and an openness to applying it to an organization’s communications
• Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse group of constituents utilizing multi-cultural intelligence, intentional
listening, and appreciation and respect.
• Competent skills with Microsoft Office, Gmail and other programs used to perform common office tasks.
• Demonstrated leadership and supervisory skills combined with a willingness to be “hands-on” and work in a lean,
fast-paced organization with limited administrative support.
• Excellent ability to synthesize complex information and write about it in an accessible and compelling style.
• Creative, innovative, strategic and energetic leader, team member and problem-solver with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Qualifications/Personal Attributes
• Bachelor’s degree required; master’s preferred.
• Minimum eight years of strategic communications, including at least three years in a staff and/or board leadership
role in education, nonprofit, government or related sectors.
• Valid driver’s license.
• Team player with good interpersonal skills who builds productive working relationships with staff based on respect
and good rapport, and has a flexible demeaner and sense of humor under pressure.
• Possess multi-cultural intelligence, appreciation and respect for equity, diversity and inclusion and demonstrate an
ability to work with a diverse group of co-workers and constituents.
• Willing and able to bear high levels of responsibility and is always accountable for their decisions and work product.
• Communicates openly, transparently, honestly and consistently by sharing appropriate information with internal and
external constituents.

Submit the following application packet to Lavert Robertson, CEO at [email protected]:
1. One-page cover letter describing how your qualifications and professional experience aligns with the job
2. A resume (not to exceed two pages in length).
3. Links or attachments for three work samples articulated below (one sample for each item) and a one-page
Word document that clearly outlines the following: 1) your role with producing the sample, 2) all team members
and/or vendors who helped to produce the sample and describe their respective roles and 3) the budget
associated with the sample:
a. Branding/Marketing Collateral Piece
b. Press Release
c. Community Engagement or Communications Strategy
4. Responses to the following questions, no more than 500 words per question:
a. What is your knowledge of and experience with leading marketing and communication practices including
strategic planning, project management, campaign development and community engagement?
b. What is your experience communicating effectively, clearly and persuasively both verbally and in writing
including to the media, with partner organizations, in preparing correspondence, reports, and online
content, and in other written materials.
c. Provide a detailed example(s) of providing leadership and supervision to a multicultural workforce,
promoting an equitable workplace environment, and applying equitable program practices, showcasing
your ability and experience.