Your Transferable Skills: How to Identify & Leverage Skills to Advance Your Career

Are you interested in working in a new industry but don’t have direct experience? The truth is, you probably have many of the skills needed for a new job; you just need to repackage them in a new way. This guide to transferable skills will help you reframe your skillset to align with the job you want.

Leading By Example

Staying fit is essential to have the energy to build trust and rapport with your teams, which will increase respect, understanding, communication, and ultimately acting as trusted advisers to help your organizations meet their business objectives.

Staying connected with your employees will boost morale. It will help bring a human side to you and ultimately help grow those professionals to see you as the people they want to become.

Here are my three recommendations on how to do so.

Wellness Challenges With Lasting Impact

The premise behind corporate wellness challenges offers good intentions. Challenges promote a sense of mental and physical well-being that can solicit a sense of community across a team or organization. If you’re creating a wellness challenge or working to communicate one to your employees, here is what to consider to extend its value.

Your Personal Wellness Crisis Plan

As public relations professionals, we train for managing a crisis. As we have lived through COVID, I have witnessed you lead in communicating timely, accurate, and essential information to the public, and that information has saved people’s lives. Thank you for all you have done, and we are continuing to do so during this time.Continue reading “Your Personal Wellness Crisis Plan”