Let’s talk race

Written by PRSA Oregon Diversity & Inclusion Committee The tragic death of George Floyd has energized the Black Lives Matter movement across this nation and the world. White people are being forced to listen and see examples of systemic racism in the mainstream media, on public opinion platforms and in their neighborhoods for the firstContinue reading “Let’s talk race”

Reverse Mentoring: Learn from PRSSA!

Whether you’ve been in the industry for years or have just started your professional journey, we all could use fresh perspectives, a new lens or diverse ideas to become a more complete practitioner. What better way to tap into all three than to harken back to your time in the college classroom. Remember it? ThatContinue reading “Reverse Mentoring: Learn from PRSSA!”

Breaking Down the PESO Model

Contributed by PRSA Oregon partner Allen Hall PR, University of Oregon     The PESO model is a visual representation of the four types of media combined for a successful PR campaign. The model was created by Gini Dietrich who founded and co-authors the blog Spin Sucks and has years of communications industry wisdom under herContinue reading “Breaking Down the PESO Model”

Intersections of Journalism and PR

Contributed by PRSA Oregon partner Allen Hall PR, University of Oregon     Public relations professionals come from a variety of backgrounds with an array of expertise. A common background for those currently working in PR often begins with journalism. The two fields have similar core characteristics that make the skills learned in a journalismContinue reading “Intersections of Journalism and PR”