The Art of Change Management

Using the change curve to help identify where you and your team are emotionally can be really helpful. With that information, each team member will feel acknowledged and valued, which will allow you as the leader to successfully lead your team towards the desired future state. 

Crisis plans don’t always cover all your bases

A few years ago, I was asked to examine and comment on an organization’s crisis plan that was very good—for as far as it went. The charity provided goods and services to other charities, for distribution to people in need. The crisis plan covered what would happen in an earthquake, volcanic eruption or similar large-scaleContinue reading “Crisis plans don’t always cover all your bases”

Campaign Case Study: Prosper Portland Small Business Relief Fund Campaign

This week, we welcome Prosper Portland’s Senior Communications Coordinator Anne Mangan and Communications & Engagement Manager Shawn Uhlman. They share their Merit Award-winning Small Business Relief Campaign, which was launched last year at the start of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 Forced Local News Media to Change, Have Your Tactics Kept Pace?

This month’s event with Oregon Public Broadcasting is sure to bring additional opportunities and tips to consider, not to mention even more optimism. That’s because public media is experiencing a renaissance amidst the chaos, and our local station has become a model amongst its peers.

Announcing the 2021 PRSA Oregon Communicators Conference “The Great Conversation: Truth Tellers and Change Makers”

The 2021 Communicators Conference: Truth Tellers and Change Makers will be completely online this year, over eight months, beginning May 14, with fourteen individual webinars held Fridays at noon. Webinar topics include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Crisis and Reputation Management, PR Strategies and Tactics such as writing copy that gets attention, research, data metrics and evaluation as well as sessions that will support the independent practitioner in launching their practice or increasing their business.