PRSA Oregon’s tale of three cities

Like the flavor-packed middle of a Bunk sandwich – a PDX favorite – bookended by two prominent flavors of their own, the robust market of Portland is flanked by our state legislature in Salem to the south and by a burgeoning waterfront in Vancouver to the north. As a statewide chapter, our PRSA members spanContinue reading “PRSA Oregon’s tale of three cities”

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month

  The public relations industry has continued to evolve with technology and time but now more than ever we must evolve our role as advocates. Global Diversity Awareness Month is a perfect time to reflect, equip and reassess how we can show up as allies that champion diversity through inclusive and equitable communications.   TheContinue reading “October is Global Diversity Awareness Month”

From Our President: A Great Start to 2019!

It’s been a productive start to 2019 for PRSA Oregon’s board of directors. I’m excited about the enthusiasm, energy, and great work being done by the chapter’s leaders and committee volunteers. The PRSA Oregon board just finished its 2019 strategic plan. That plan is a built around a vison of PRSA Oregon as a thrivingContinue reading “From Our President: A Great Start to 2019!”

Change is in the air!

We’re wrapping up transition activities going from 3 chapters to 1 this year very soon. That means we are archiving site content this month and then redirecting the former chapter’s sites to our new site as of Oct. 31. Old sites and pages may still show up in your search, but you’ll be redirected toContinue reading “Change is in the air!”

Secretary/President-Elect Application

During this year’s Listening Tour, members said: “we need to make sure that everyone has a voice at a table” with responsibilities that make a difference for anyone, anywhere. And that starts with our chapter leadership. Call to Service This year all members were considered for service as we piloted a new model. To ensureContinue reading “Secretary/President-Elect Application”

Transition Steering Committee Report: June

Change Creates Opportunities to Engage  Summer has barely begun, but for PRSA Oregon leadership it’s time to shift our focus to plans for 2018. Work planned for consolidating chapter operations in 2017 is nearing completion or well underway. And we have a clear list of transition activities to guide continued efforts in 2018, for instanceContinue reading “Transition Steering Committee Report: June”

Call to Service

Author: Beverly Brooks As we’re becoming PRSA Oregon this year, you’ve shared your excitement and ideas. For instance, that “we need to make sure that everyone has a voice at a table” with responsibilities that make a difference for anyone, anywhere. Now, it’s time to consider what you need from your membership next year andContinue reading “Call to Service”

Merger action plan

Nov 2014 Oregon Capital Chapter alerts North Pacific District to depleted leadership pipeline Oregon Capital and Portland Metro Chapters explore shared governance options Oct 2015 Greater Oregon Chapter implements financial stability plan Dec 2015 Oregon chapter boards form statewide governance committee, appoint representatives Apr 2016 Statewide governance committee forms committee charter, launches May 2016Continue reading “Merger action plan”

Committee Charter

  There shall be a limited duration joint task force of the boards of the Greater Oregon, Oregon Capital and Portland Metro chapters of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) to be known as the Oregon Statewide Governance Committee (the “Committee”) with purpose, composition, authority, duties and responsibilities as follows: A. Purpose The purposeContinue reading “Committee Charter”