Save the Date! CommCon 2022: Reemerging! and Spotlight Awards

Friday, October 7, 2022 at the Oregon Zoo CommCon 2022: Reemerging! The rumors are correct – we are REEMERGING this fall for a not-to-be-missed Communicators Conference (CommCon) and Spotlight Awards.  And, for the first time, we’ll be celebrating the Spotlight Awards during the conference for one fabulous day that is sure to inspire and re-energizeContinue reading “Save the Date! CommCon 2022: Reemerging! and Spotlight Awards”

COMMCON: The Art of Storytelling and Science of Analytics

How many times have you said or heard, “I can’t do that; I’m just not creative?” The truth is that everyone is creative in their own way. Whether trying to find the fastest route to work, creating a lesson plan for 30 six-year old’s or how you dress every day, there is creativity in everything we do.  When it comes to marketing and communicatingContinue reading “COMMCON: The Art of Storytelling and Science of Analytics”

COMMCON: Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence

Public relations has been consistently ranked in the top 25 lists of stressful jobs, hitting #8 in the 2019 CareerCast “Most Stressful Careers”. How can emotional intelligence help you address the tolls of this fast-paced career where you deal daily with things that are out of your control, ambiguous in nature and, often, addressing one crisis or another?

Join us at noon on Friday, November 5 for “Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence.”

COMMCON: How to Win PRSA Anvil and PRSA Oregon Spotlight Awards

An award-winning writer, podcaster, executive producer and communications professional, Rhonda Morin, APR knows what it takes to win awards. She’s been doing it all her life. Join Rhonda at noon on Friday, July 16, for “How to Win PRSA Anvil and PRSA Oregon Spotlight Awards.” During her Communicators Conference workshop, attendees will:

Announcing the 2021 PRSA Oregon Communicators Conference “The Great Conversation: Truth Tellers and Change Makers”

The 2021 Communicators Conference: Truth Tellers and Change Makers will be completely online this year, over eight months, beginning May 14, with fourteen individual webinars held Fridays at noon. Webinar topics include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Crisis and Reputation Management, PR Strategies and Tactics such as writing copy that gets attention, research, data metrics and evaluation as well as sessions that will support the independent practitioner in launching their practice or increasing their business.

From Our President: A Great Start to 2019!

It’s been a productive start to 2019 for PRSA Oregon’s board of directors. I’m excited about the enthusiasm, energy, and great work being done by the chapter’s leaders and committee volunteers. The PRSA Oregon board just finished its 2019 strategic plan. That plan is a built around a vison of PRSA Oregon as a thrivingContinue reading “From Our President: A Great Start to 2019!”

PRSA Oregon Statement in Response to DoubleTree Portland Incident

PRSA Oregon is the state’s leading professional development association for public relations and communications professionals. We value and are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and being a professional organization that is welcoming to all. As was widely published, in December 2018, the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland evicted Mr. Jermaine Massey, an African American hotelContinue reading “PRSA Oregon Statement in Response to DoubleTree Portland Incident”