Congratulations, Joshua Romero, APR!

Joshua Romero is PRSA Oregon’s Secretary and it’s newest APR. Congratulations, Joshua! Joshua is passionate about engaging and empowering employees as the Employee Experience and Engagement Program manager at the City of Bend, one of the fastest growing mid-sized cities in the nation. In this new role, he will use the knowledge, skills and abilitiesContinue reading “Congratulations, Joshua Romero, APR!”

PRSA accreditation series to start soon

The  Oregon PRSA accreditation coaching team is revved up and ready to add your name  to the hundreds of PRSA members we have mentored to APR success! This series is free! PRSA accreditation is your opportunity to:   • Enjoy lively coaching presentations including special APR guest coaches  • Increase your professional standing   • Develop aContinue reading “PRSA accreditation series to start soon”

New Chapter APR: Ian Rollins, APR

Ian is a marketing and communications strategist for Samaritan Health Services, supporting Samaritan’s services in Corvallis and Benton County. His duties include media relations, internal and external communications campaigns for Samaritan initiatives, counsel to organization leadership, social media and website content management, relationships with external partners and community involvement. He has been in public relationsContinue reading “New Chapter APR: Ian Rollins, APR”

Three members of PRSA Oregon Chapter earned their APRs

PRSA Oregon offers a complimentary Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) prep course for chapter members, led by experienced coaches to guide Oregon chapter members through the program. The APR asserts professional competence; communicates professional expertise, plus personal and professional dedication and values; reflects progressive public relations industry practices and high standards; and sets professionals apartContinue reading “Three members of PRSA Oregon Chapter earned their APRs”

PRSA Oregon’s Newest APR: Amanda Roe

by Allison Bolt With over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, Amanda Roe has worked at Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and privately owned companies. After being recruited by Biamp Systems, she spent some time trying to work public relations into her regular duties as a brand marketing manager before making a pitch toContinue reading “PRSA Oregon’s Newest APR: Amanda Roe”

Rhonda Morin, APR: Accreditation boosts credibility tenfold

By Jean Kempe-Ware, APR Member, PRSA Oregon Membership Committee and APR Coaching Team As a member of a Maine Wilderness Rescue Team and an emergency medical technician, she hung by ropes off cliffs and carried the injured on litters down mountains. As a cyclocross racer, she navigates barriers, jumps off platforms and sprints through mudContinue reading “Rhonda Morin, APR: Accreditation boosts credibility tenfold”

Words from a new APR

“I am so proud!” Jaimee Mayfield Fox just earned her accreditation in Public Relations from the Universal Accreditation Board.    “It’s all worth it,” she says. “You have to believe in yourself. But you also have to put in the work.” Jaimee is Multnomah County Health Department’s HR Communications Manager. She started as a countyContinue reading “Words from a new APR”