5 Guideposts to Unsilencing a Company’s DEI Efforts through Accountability and Scheduling

Staying accountable to DEI efforts is possibly the highest way change can be affected, not only internally, but also externally as the movement itself is concerned. By viewing all DEI communications as an accountability tool, communicators will stay well-balanced by promoting the cause, not the company, consequentially making a much larger impact overall.

How do you define diversity, equity and inclusion?

The question about how to define diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is common. In fact, PRSA recently shared a survey from the Institute for Public Relations Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and The Wakeman Agency to study how people define DEI and what that entails within their organizations.

Weekend Reading: Voices4Everyone

This week, PRSA launched its Voices4Everyone program. As a took a quick peek at the Voices4Everyone website, I liked that each of these focus areas has a deeper dive that includes things like programs, thought leadership, learning, ways to get involved, toolkits and resources to help us better understand the issues and find ways to meaningfully engage them.

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month

  The public relations industry has continued to evolve with technology and time but now more than ever we must evolve our role as advocates. Global Diversity Awareness Month is a perfect time to reflect, equip and reassess how we can show up as allies that champion diversity through inclusive and equitable communications.   TheContinue reading “October is Global Diversity Awareness Month”

Better together

PRSA Oregon is committed to building a diverse, inclusive and equitable society. We understand and uphold these values as chapter members, through our work and while serving our communities. We believe this commitment will strengthen the public relations profession and help us thrive as individual practitioners. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Led by the DEIContinue reading “Better together”

PRSA Oregon Statement in Response to DoubleTree Portland Incident

PRSA Oregon is the state’s leading professional development association for public relations and communications professionals. We value and are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and being a professional organization that is welcoming to all. As was widely published, in December 2018, the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland evicted Mr. Jermaine Massey, an African American hotelContinue reading “PRSA Oregon Statement in Response to DoubleTree Portland Incident”