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COMM CON: Resilience Shapes Reputation

Casey Boggs, president of ReputationUs, a Portland-based reputation management and crisis response firm, joins us for “Resilience Shapes Reputation” at noon on Friday, July 30, as part of the Communicators Conference.

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How To Leverage Your Experience as an Over-50 Job Seeker

As more people over 65 are working than ever before, hiring managers are beginning to see the advantage of having a diverse staff that includes people with years of experience across numerous industries. Here are some key ways to leverage your experience as an over-50 job seeker.


COMMCON: How to Win PRSA Anvil and PRSA Oregon Spotlight Awards

An award-winning writer, podcaster, executive producer and communications professional, Rhonda Morin, APR knows what it takes to win awards. She’s been doing it all her life. Join Rhonda at noon on Friday, July 16, for “How to Win PRSA Anvil and PRSA Oregon Spotlight Awards.” During her Communicators Conference workshop, attendees will:

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How’s that podcast going?

If you produce a podcast (or are thinking about it) or pitch to podcasters, you might want to sit in on this month’s Media FAM Tour with Podcast Pros. It’s from 12 to 1 p.m. on Thursday, July 15.


COMMCON: Rev Up Readability

Read it and weep. More than half of all Americans have basic or below basic reading skills, according to the Department of Education’s latest adult literacy test. How well are we reaching these folks with our messages? Find out during “Rev Up Readability” at noon PDT on Friday, July 9.

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UO PRSSA Students Recognized for Ewan/Cawood Awards

f America (PRSSA) – students in the UO School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC) – were recognized for outstanding achievement in public relations at the SOJC annual awards event held online Wednesday, June 9.


How to Make the Case for Planning and Fire-proof Your CEO for Crisis Response

Join us from 12-1 p.m. PDT on Friday, June 18 for “How to Make the Case for Planning and Fire-proof Your CEO for Crisis Response,” as part of the Communicators Conference! Shannon McCarthy Berg, APR, will reveal a new strategy for making the case for planning that is built on a single principle: know your audience. She will talk about ditching communicator speak in favor of language that unlocks the interest of leaders.

Campaign Case Study: Clean Water Services “Our Water” Consumer Awareness Campaign

Listen to the second part of PRSA Oregon’s two-part podcast series where we break down campaigns submitted to the 2020 Spotlight Awards. This episode we welcome C+C Vice President Jan Kleszynski to talk about the Clean Water Services “Our Water” Consumer Awareness Campaign launched last year.

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Your Personal Wellness Crisis Plan

As public relations professionals, we train for managing a crisis. As we have lived through COVID, I have witnessed you lead in communicating timely, accurate, and essential information to the public, and that information has saved people’s lives. Thank you for all you have done, and we are continuing to do so during this time.Continue reading “Your Personal Wellness Crisis Plan”

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Words Matter

It can be a challenge to know the latest on inclusive language and how to incorporate it into your work. Fortunately, Crystal Borde wrote “Why Educating Employees on Inclusive Language Matters” for PRsay.


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