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PRSA Oregon Annual Meeting to Recap Year’s Highlights, Set Stage for 2022

PRSA Oregon members and those interested in our chapter activities are invited to attend our virtual Annual Meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 2. The 2021 Board of Directors will share highlights of the year’s activities and our 2022 president, Tom Fuller, APR, will discuss plans for 2022.

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Congratulations 2021 PRSA Oregon Spotlight Award and Award of Distinction Honorees

We are proud to share the achievements of an exceptional group of public relations and
communications professionals and showcase their outstanding work and contributions to our industry and community.

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Vote Now! PRSA Oregon 2022 Board of Directors and Bylaws Amendments

We are pleased to present you with our slate of candidates for the 2022 PRSA Greater Oregon Chapter Board of Directors, as well as two bylaw amendments designed to make our chapter more inclusive.

Voting is open to PRSA Oregon Chapter members only and must be completed by November 23, 2021.


COMMCON: Emotional Intelligence – A primer and further reading

How can emotional intelligence help you thrive amidst the chaos? Learn more at noon on Nov. 5, in a webinar with Diana Steeble, a Managing Principal at PRR, and Jennifer Hawton.

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Falling Forward This Season

For a majority of Americans, November 7 will be the end of daylight saving time.

A time change can impact us mentally and physically for several days or weeks. Research suggests that there are “seasonal variations in cortisol levels with significantly higher levels found in winter and fall than in spring and summer.”
Since cortisol is essentially your body’s main stress hormone, it’s important to recognize the impact of how we will feel in the coming months as the days are shorter and the evenings are longer.
I am here to help you prepare for this change and implement techniques to make this experience more positive. Here are three things you can do starting today to prepare for this change and ultimately “fall forward.”


COMMCON: Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence

Public relations has been consistently ranked in the top 25 lists of stressful jobs, hitting #8 in the 2019 CareerCast “Most Stressful Careers”. How can emotional intelligence help you address the tolls of this fast-paced career where you deal daily with things that are out of your control, ambiguous in nature and, often, addressing one crisis or another?

Join us at noon on Friday, November 5 for “Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence.”

Honor One Another: Pronouns in Practice

People are amazing and the complexities of each person’s identity are remarkable. As PR professionals, we have the opportunity – and the responsibility – to honor the extraordinary diversity around us. One way you can do this is to join the conversation about personal pronouns.

PRSA Oregon 2022 Board Candidates

We are pleased to present you with our slate of candidates for the 2022 PRSA Oregon Board of Directors. If you are a PRSA Oregon member, please vote by November 23. President Tom Fuller, APR Tom Fuller, APR, is the founder and principal of Imagine Public Relations. Tom has worked as a communications manager andContinue reading “PRSA Oregon 2022 Board Candidates”

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Your Transferable Skills: How to Identify & Leverage Skills to Advance Your Career

Are you interested in working in a new industry but don’t have direct experience? The truth is, you probably have many of the skills needed for a new job; you just need to repackage them in a new way. This guide to transferable skills will help you reframe your skillset to align with the job you want.

Save the date for this year’s virtual Spotlight Awards!

Save the date for this year’s virtual Spotlight Awards!

Join us on November 18, 2021, to celebrate successes, share ideas, and recognize some of the best work in our field.

Stay tuned for more information on purchasing your tickets. We look forward to seeing you then!

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Leading By Example

Staying fit is essential to have the energy to build trust and rapport with your teams, which will increase respect, understanding, communication, and ultimately acting as trusted advisers to help your organizations meet their business objectives.

Staying connected with your employees will boost morale. It will help bring a human side to you and ultimately help grow those professionals to see you as the people they want to become.

Here are my three recommendations on how to do so.


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