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Campaign Case Study: Prosper Portland Small Business Relief Fund Campaign

This week, we welcome Prosper Portland’s Senior Communications Coordinator Anne Mangan and Communications & Engagement Manager Shawn Uhlman. They share their Merit Award-winning Small Business Relief Campaign, which was launched last year at the start of the pandemic. 

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Walk the Walk: The Role of Internal Communicators and Wellness Benefits

Internal communicators, my dear friends, we need you now more than ever to lead the discussion on the importance of your employees staying mentally and physically resilient.

COVID-19 Forced Local News Media to Change, Have Your Tactics Kept Pace?

This month’s event with Oregon Public Broadcasting is sure to bring additional opportunities and tips to consider, not to mention even more optimism. That’s because public media is experiencing a renaissance amidst the chaos, and our local station has become a model amongst its peers.

Be Selfish: Volunteer

We think of volunteering as an altruistic activity. But there should be a selfish side to why you give your time and talent. For an industry association like PRSA, this is particularly true. You can and should be selfish and think about what you want. It may just be the lift you need!


How do you define diversity, equity and inclusion?

The question about how to define diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is common. In fact, PRSA recently shared a survey from the Institute for Public Relations Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and The Wakeman Agency to study how people define DEI and what that entails within their organizations.

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Why Isn’t My Audience Listening?

Remember above all that getting your audience to listen takes research, creativity, hard work and going against the grain.


Announcing the 2021 PRSA Oregon Communicators Conference “The Great Conversation: Truth Tellers and Change Makers”

The 2021 Communicators Conference: Truth Tellers and Change Makers will be completely online this year, over eight months, beginning May 14, with fourteen individual webinars held Fridays at noon. Webinar topics include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Crisis and Reputation Management, PR Strategies and Tactics such as writing copy that gets attention, research, data metrics and evaluation as well as sessions that will support the independent practitioner in launching their practice or increasing their business.

Weekend Reading: Voices4Everyone

This week, PRSA launched its Voices4Everyone program. As a took a quick peek at the Voices4Everyone website, I liked that each of these focus areas has a deeper dive that includes things like programs, thought leadership, learning, ways to get involved, toolkits and resources to help us better understand the issues and find ways to meaningfully engage them.

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Responding to media questions: Establish your response rhythm

A conversational response to a question comes in three rhythmic parts: Listen; pause; answer.

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Making Use of Time with a Mentor: 3 Tips

We find our mentors in different stages of our lives. It typically starts with a challenge at work or in our careers. Whether we’re seeking advice or sharing our own experience with a young professional through successes and failures, it’s a two-way relationship. If a mentor is willing to give time, come prepared with your goals, obstacles and questions to make great use of that time.

Media FAM: The Oregonian

Join us from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday, March 18, for our first (virtual) Media FAM Tour of the year, featuring The Oregonian.

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What does it take to be a thought leader?

Thought leadership requires a point of view, not just an opinion.

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What Is Your Team Charter?

I’m urging people to rethink the practice of “unwritten” rules when managing people. Turn those unwritten rules into ones that are honest and transparent.


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