PRSA accreditation series to start soon

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The  Oregon PRSA accreditation coaching team is revved up and ready to add your name  to the hundreds of PRSA members we have mentored to APR success! This series is free!

PRSA accreditation is your opportunity to:  

• Enjoy lively coaching presentations including special APR guest coaches 

• Increase your professional standing  

• Develop a successful career path 

• Increase your earning potential 

• Bond with Peers 

• Learn and implement best practices into your daily work 

• Gain lifelong learning skills 

In 2021, nearly two dozen candidates across the nation participated in our Saturday online series. Now it’s your turn. The series will begin again in late Feb/early March. Check out this link: BetterPR: The Importance of Mentorship. Must be a current PRSA member with at least five years of experience.  

Questions/information/reimbursement details: 

Patti Atkins, APR – 

PRSA Oregon Accreditation Chair 

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