Announcing the 2021 PRSA Oregon Communicators Conference “The Great Conversation: Truth Tellers and Change Makers”


As the Co-Chair of PRSA Oregon’s Professional Development Committee, I am thrilled to announce our 2021 virtual conference lineup. Invest in yourself this year. Whether you want to earn new skills or need inspiration and new perspective on the craft your have honed throughout your career, there is something for everyone at all stages in their careers.

The 2021 Communicators Conference: Truth Tellers and Change Makers will be completely online this year, over eight months, beginning May 14, with fourteen individual webinars held Fridays at noon. Webinar topics include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Crisis and Reputation Management, PR Strategies and Tactics such as writing copy that gets attention, research, data metrics and evaluation as well as sessions that will support the independent practitioner in launching their practice or increasing their business. For individuals and organizations who have pondered a Silver and Bronze Anvil award submission, we are hosting a how-to as part of this series as well.

On May 14, we kickoff the conference with the highly accomplished entrepreneur and consultant, Tachelle Lawson’s Redefine The Meaning of Diversity: How To Be A Change-Agent, in order to promote more inclusive cultures and engagement of key audiences.

Registration is required. Cost for the fourteen-part series is $50 for PRSA Members; $75 for non-members. Individual webinars are priced at $10 for members; $15 for non-members.

Click here to register for the 14-part series. Click on the links below to register for individual webinars.

May 14 – Diversity and Inclusion: Being the Change

June 4 – Listen, Learn, Do Better.
June 18 – Crisis to Resilience

July 9 – Rev Up Readability
July 16 – Silver or Bronze Anvil Award or Spotlight Award Submissions
July 30 – Resilience Amid Crisis is Critical in Building A Positive Corporate Reputation

August 20 – Grow Stronger & More Resilient Than You Ever Thought Possible


September 10 – Navigating Today’s Issues-Driven Environment: Don’t just rely on your gut, use data
September 24 – Recommit Yourself to Research

October 1- Business & Intellectual Property Law for PR Professionals

October 22 – Integrated Marketing Plans Right When You Need It


November 12 – Thrive Amidst Stress with Emotional Intelligence
November 19 – Beyond Vanity Metrics

December 17 – The Art of Storytelling and Science Of Analytics

Heather Back is a get-it-done gal with experience in cause marketing, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and corporate communications in for-profit, nonprofit and government settings. She manages communications and policy development for Metro’s Visitor Venues, building awareness of their significant economic return for the region from hosting conventions, exhibits and events that draw visitors and tourism dollars into the community.

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