What’s your “fake commute”?

pensive black man using laptop while akita inu resting on floor

Because fewer of us are spending time in cars, buses or trains heading to and from a physical office, we no longer have a natural ramp up or wind down to our workday. 

It’s why I was drawn to recent articles talking about the German word Feierabend, roughly defined as “the time after work is done and a period of leisure and rest begins.” Essentially, we are creating a “fake” commute.

Watch the video below or read “The Benefits of a Fake Commute” for my suggestions for starting and ending your day well.

Mark Mohammadpour, APR, is a strategic-communications executive, certified personal trainer and health coach. His company, Chasing the Sun, offers health coaching tailored for PR professionals. Visit chasingthesunpdx.com, email him at mark@chasingthesunpdx.com, listen to his podcast at anchor.fm/markmoh, or follow him on Instagram or Twitter @markmoh.

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