A Vision for PRSA Oregon 2021 – 2023

Graphic of a person in a business suit standing on top of a ladder and looking through a hand-held telescope. He's looking from the year number 2020 ahead to the year number 2023.

In 2020, PRSA Oregon – the statewide chapter – was vibrant and active, despite so many external challenges. We’re pleased to have been able to offer virtual events and meetings so that every program was accessible no matter where you were located.

Looking ahead, we asked ourselves, now what? What should our leadership team concentrate on? What dreams do we have and what could we envision for the next three years?

Three themes emerged out of the discussion, providing a compass for board leadership:

  1. Are we engaging our members? 
  2. Are we implementing practices that enhance our fiscal and board sustainability?
  3. Are we embedding DEI principles in our chapter structure and activities? 

Our Vision 2023 document lays out a number of measurable goals and strategies, as well as providing some tactical suggestions for how to achieve them. See below for a quick look—and let us know what you think!

Engaging our Members:

Based on our research, we know that when members participate with the chapter–especially volunteering–they are more likely to get value from membership and stay with us, year after year.

Furthermore, a strong base of volunteers creates a larger pool of committee members, so we can create a strong bench of support for our chapter leadership team, offer robust programming, and ensure better knowledge transfer from year to year.

Goal:   By 2023, 25% of PRSA Oregon chapter members will serve as volunteers.

Strategy:  Enlist new volunteers each year with clear committee assignments; Maintain existing volunteers with new roles/engagements that inspire them

Strategy: Identify opportunities for communications and engagement across member and volunteer segments to increase volunteers and retain members

Strategy: Address the need for coaching for the board leadership so they can empower volunteers to succeed

Strategy: Refine committee roles under each chair under current board structure

Chapter Sustainability

A strong chapter provides better value for our members. Our chapter is strong when we have: a diversity of voices in our leadership, robust programming, a solid group of volunteers (our members are engaged), and a solid financial base.

Goal: Create fiscal sustainability with adequate financial cushion, financial oversight, and revenues maximized

Strategy: Adopt fiscal policies and promote prudent board oversight and stewardship

Strategy: Identify best practices for sponsorships, revenue development

Strategy: Explore cost/benefit of paid administrator/bookkeeper

Strategy:  Establish a plan for smooth succession every year

Strategy: Continuity of a strong Professional Development program

Embed DEI Principles and Strategies in our Chapter Structure and Activities

We recognize that diverse voices have not been equally represented in the Board and committees. That must change.

We also realize that our programs need to prepare PR/Communications professionals on how to embed a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their own organizations.

Goal: By 2023, all chapter activities and policies will be reviewed through an equity lens with appropriate changes made to ensure that the chapter is inclusive, welcoming and fair to all.

Strategy: Review policies and procedures, communication with members, events, retention of members, engagement of members through an equity lens.

Strategy: Chapter President and Executive Committee has DEI Officer/Board Member

Goal: By 2023, 20% of Chapter Board and Committee Members will be PR Professionals of Color, and/or LGBTQ+

Strategy: Encourage PR professionals of color, LGBTQ+ to participate in our chapter

Strategy: Empower young PR professionals of color

Strategy: Professional Development provides programs that educate members about DEI

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