Merger action plan

Nov 2014

  • Oregon Capital Chapter alerts North Pacific District to depleted leadership pipeline
  • Oregon Capital and Portland Metro Chapters explore shared governance options

Oct 2015

  • Greater Oregon Chapter implements financial stability plan

Dec 2015

  • Oregon chapter boards form statewide governance committee, appoint representatives

Apr 2016

  • Statewide governance committee forms committee charter, launches

May 2016

  • Oregon chapter boards approve statewide governance committee charter

Jul 2016

  • Research indicates membership open to merging three chapters into a single, statewide chapter
  • 2017 nominating committee forms

Aug 2016

  • MILESTONE: Oregon chapter boards approve merger, revised bylaws for a single, statewide chapter
  • 2017 board / organization structure finalized; call for nominations opens
  • Polls open to membership to approve/not approve merger, revised bylaws
  • Virtual town halls: August 24 and 31

Sep 2016

  • Virtual town halls: September 16, 22 and 28
  • MILESTONE: Membership approves/does not approve merger, revised bylaws

Oct 2016

  • MILESTONE: National board approves merger
  • 2017 board slate presented to boards for endorsement
  • RFPs for key roles and/or initiatives (such as PRSA Oregon brand campaign, event planner, development consultant, executive director)

Nov 2016

  • MILESTONE: 2017 elections – board, official chapter name – submit results to National
  • File Articles of Incorporation with the State of Oregon, secure new Tax ID
  • Secure venues for 2017 signature events

Dec 2016

  • Governance transition / leadership rally
  • MILESTONE: 2017 board approves new chapter policies and procedures
  • RFP review, interviews
  • Transition web, social networks to new chapter

Jan 2017

  • Transition banking, bookkeeping to new chapter
  • Board approves RFP recommendations
  • Revise media/sponsor kit

Feb 2017

  • Launch brand campaign

Mar 2017

  • Ratify 2017 budget

Apr 2017

  • File 2016 taxes for Greater Oregon, Oregon Capital, Portland Metro chapters

June 2017

  • Board approves signature events strategic plan

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