The Oregon Department of Transportation Communications Section is looking for a web project analyst to serve as a key member of a project team. This position will provide general website development for the transparency, accountability, and performance landing page and dashboards as well as ensuring the new site and its components are useful, usable, and accessible.

Duties will include:

• Perform usability testing of the website.
• Advise content owners about gaps in content, insights into user experience with the page/site, and identify opportunities for improvement.
• Organize and prepare documents and files to move into the new site.
• Develop a process and documented procedure for linking all of the components together.
• Develop, write, and edit content for the ODOT internet and intranet websites.
• Assist with implementing communication plans.
Desired attributes include:
• Ability to develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish work.
• Knowledge of principles of effective web design, accessibility, site navigability, search engine optimization, and content strategy.
• Experience conducting usability testing on a website.
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